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Imagine not having to stand in line with your shoes off for a security screening,

Imagine being able to take as many bags and assorted sizes as you want on board,

Imagine a flexible travel itinerary that you control…


Let your next trip in the USA or Canada begin with a Private Motor Coach, Inc. (www.privatemotorcoach.com)  - the only travel company offering custom designed private, escorted travel in a luxury motor home/bus conversion. 


When you hire Private Motor Coach, Inc., you have full access to the amenities of a house-on-wheels for your trip.  The coach features a living room, kitchen, private sleeping quarters, bathroom with shower, and other house amenities. 


You can travel alone or bring up to up to 10 people along.  Trips can be extended vacation excursions, entertainer travel, or day trips. 

Private Motor Coach, Inc. can accommodate most special needs and privacy requests.


Our driver picks you up at your door and accompanies you “Anywhere-Anytime.”



Pricing is negotiable at approximately $1,000 a day for the coach including fuel and mileage.

Call +41 79 669 6906 to discuss the trip of your dreams and ask for a price quote.


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